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Study In Canada

Partners (P) and Affiliated (A) Schools


  • Golden Hills School Division, Strathmore Alberta (P)
  • School District #22 (Vernon), Vernon, B.C. (A)
  • College of New Caledonia, Prince George. B.C. (P)
  • Columbia College, Vancouver B.C. (P)
  • International College of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba (A)
  • Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, B.C. (P)
  • University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. (A)
  • University of Northern B.C., Prince George, B.C. (A)
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (A)
  • University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba (A)
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario (P)
  • University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba (A)
  • McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (P)
  • Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, Toronto, Ontario (A)
  • Thompson Rivers University (P)
  • Okanagan College (P)
  • North Island College (P)
  • Okanagan College (P)
  • Royal Roads University (P)
  • Yukon College (P)

Our Services

Services Provided to Canadian Institutions

Illume Consulting provides a number of services to the institutions which it represents.  These services include:

  • The formation of marketing strategies specific to the needs of the school and its programs
  • The preparation of promotional materials
  • Representation at educational fairs overseas
  • Development of curriculum and programs
  • Building relationships with foreign partners and overseas schools
  • Recruitment of students through various means:
    • Direct recruitment
    • Recruitment through agencies
    • Recruitment at international education fairs
  • Meeting with Canadian High Commission representatives around the world to support Canadian education initiatives

Services Provided to Students

Illume Consulting is, in many cases, involved directly with the students.  The services that are provided include:

  • Document screening and evaluation prior to application to Canadian intuitions
  • Program selection that is appropriate to the educational background of the student
  • Receipt of applications from the students on behalf of partner intuitions
  • Counselling of the student with respect to long term career goals and study abroad
  • Providing information about study permits and entry visa requirements
  • Providing information about SPP (Student Partner Program) [India only]

Consulting Services

Illume Consulting also offers the following additional services for institutions with existing International Student Programs or who wish to establish new programs.  For these services, please contact Karuna Ausman directly at

  • Analysis and planning, as well as the initial setup for the implementation of a new International Program
  • Evaluation of existing International Student programs and recommendations to increase enrolment
  • Creation of three-year business plans to project the outcome of existing or new programs
  • Market and demographic information and analysis for existing International Student Programs
  • Connections with Agents and establishing new contacts for existing Programs

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